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The Tennessee Real Estate Commission requires 90 hours of training and subsequent testing to become licensed. The training for the initial licensing consists of two mandatory courses, Pre-Licensing and Course for New Affiliates.

PRE-LICENSING is the 60 hour course that covers fundamentals, principles and practice of real estate. Upon completion of that course, by passing the final exam, the school administrator submits student information to the national testing center and at that point the student is eligible to submit a request to take the licensing exam. The Pre-Licensing course is all inclusive, your textbook, workbook, pens, pencils, highlighters are provided. We provide day and night class choices each month of the year, starting on the 1st Monday of each month. (except for September due to Labor Day, then it starts on the first Tuesday) You can go to the homepage at www.trecs.org and click Schedules and Costs.

COURSE FOR NEW AFFILIATES is the 30 hour course that covers all the forms, processes, marketing, and procedures included the listing and selling process. It covers agency law, property disclosure law, ethics, client representation, professional standards. It is all inclusive also, with the workbook, handouts, testing, etc. That course may be taken prior to or after the national test. That course must be completed before you can submit your licensing packet to the Real Estate Commission.

BROKER MANAGEMENT is a 30 hour course that must be completed prior to submitting your request to take the Broker licensing exam. You must be licensed in Tennessee for three years to take this course. * Broker candidates, must have satisfied the requirements for licensing, such as have 120 hours of post licensing education, and submit request for a certificate of eligibility to test to the commission. This course is only offered twice a year. Check Schedules and Costs for availability.

Upon completion of each course, students review the subsequent licensing process from that point. You also receive a letter of completion (which you submit) and a certificate of completion for your records.

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