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Online Courses

TRECS offers two online courses for students to complete their 90 hour qualification for licensing and be eligible to take the licensing exams.

Other courses are offered to complete their continuing education requirements, upon being licensed, by either online or correspondence methods.


TRECS sponsors the online courses through the provider REcampus (a Dearborn/Kaplan program).  You complete an online registration form on www.trecs.org then follow the instructions and pay for the course online with a credit card.  The Tennessee Real Estate Principles course is $360.00 and Course for New Affiliates is $165.00.

REcampus notifies the student and the school that your registration is complete (via email).   Once the course is opened and the student begins work on the course, it is open for your use for one year.  An extension is possible in certain cases.

No text comes with the course, but TRECS policy is to ship you a binder with testing information inside.  It is not part of the online course and is sent at no cost to the student.  Distance learning can be a challenge if you are new to the online format.

If a student has problems with the course loading or errors on the page, they can call tech support at REcampus.  They are very happy to assist you.

If a student has trouble understanding the course content, you can call TRECS and speak to the distance learning instructor.  That contact information will be in the binder.


TRECS correspondence courses are only for completing a licensees sixteen hours of Continuing Education requirement during their two year licensing period.  Those books are provided by TRECS upon request.




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